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If you are ashamed of your missing teeth or fed up of a wonky and gap filled mouth, our cosmetic dentistry can help.


Componeers: Get an exquisite smile instantly. Componeers can be fitted in one session. They are permanently fitted, shaped and sealed to conceal your natural teeth. An innovative and affordable option to veneers, leaving you with the straight, aligned teeth, you've always wanted.


Dentures: An excellent solution for the dilemma of missing teeth. They are moulded to fit your gums perfectly, to replace missing teeth and support any loose teeth, leaving your mouth looking complete so you can carry on with confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry has advanced remarkably over the last few years, meaning that you can have the smile you've always wanted.

Do you have stained or discoloured teeth? Teeth whitening will get you the bright smile you have been looking for.


Our teeth whitening treatment is practised by professionals with advanced techniques, to optimise the quality of the treatment and to minimise the damage done to your teeth.


Other teeth whitening treatments are insufficiently effective and can cause irreversible damage to your teeth. We believe in you having a brilliant, bright and healthy teeth.

Get a Hollywood smile with our teeth whitening treatment

Our bespoke treatments will give you teeth that you want to show off

From laser teeth whitening to Veneers, B.E.Perry Dental use state-of-the-art equipment to produce excellent results. We can produce your perfect smile with our cosmetic dentistry:

Helping you to achieve the perfect smile

Are you looking for affordable Veneers? Componeers could be your answer. A new and established procedure getting you the perfect smile that you can afford, call us at B.E.Perry Dental, we are located near Burn Bridge

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•  Dentures

•  Teeth whitening

•  Componeers

•  Tooth contouring

•  Tooth re-shaping

•  Jet polish

In your first consultation with our dentist you will discuss together what type and level of cosmetic dentistry you are looking for. With this and your oral health in mind, we work with our established team to achieve the pearly whites you desire. Leaving you full of confidence and smiling from ear to ear.

Have you always felt self-conscious of your teeth?

Achieve the perfect smile