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B.E.Perry Dental Ltd in Harrogate, offer a wide range of advanced treatments that will keep your mouth healthy and pain free.

Are you in need of a check-up? Avoid tooth decay by visiting the dentist frequently.

•  Hygienist

•  Dental fillings

•  Crowns

•  Bridges

•  Dentures

•  Cosmetic dentistry

•  Surgical procedures

•  Inlays and Onlays

•  Tooth contouring and re-shaping

Treatments we offer:

Our experienced dental surgeon can observe if you are in need of tooth removal.

•  Endodontics - root canal treatment

•  Pulpotomy - relieving tooth infection

•  Pulpectomy - relieving tooth pain

•  Apicoectomy   - If in need after a root canal

•  Wisdom tooth removal

•  Tooth removal for orthodontist

Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain?

With our modern dentistry techniques and professional dental surgeon, you are given the expertise desired when dealing with such a sensitive part of your body.

Professional modern, expertise

Optimise your oral health

These are never the procedures people look forward to, but abolishing your oral pain can put that spring back in your step.

We provide dental fillings so you don't have to let tooth decay cause you pain. Get the problem solved, call us today on

01423 502 361

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